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Our Mission: 

Our mission is to be a force of social and cultural stimulation and to undertake civic development and improvement.

Fish Identification Sign at Lydgate Park
Fish Identification Sign at Lydgate Park donated by The Mokihana Club

Benefit Concert 2020 Was Cancelled

The 2020 Mokihana Club fundraising concert with Keola Beamer, Jeff Peterson and Uluwehi Guerrero has been cancelled.  The concert committee and the artists felt that the uncertainty of when inner island travel will open up and when large gatherings will be possible made the concert not possible this year.  Tickets from this concert will NOT be honored at the 2021 concert.  We are encouraging members and guests to make their ticket costs a donation to the scholarship fund. If you choose to donate, you will receive a donation letter.  If you would like a refund for a paper ticket, please contact Corrinne Travillion at: 808-755-5235 or Elyse Litvack

Save the date:  March 6th, 2021—Keola Beamer, Jeff Peterson and Uluwehi Guerrero with Do, our fundraising concert for next year.  We look forward to a great event.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Mokihana Club contact us at info@themokihanaclub.org and the Membership Chair will contact you.

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