In 1903, the first Lihue Public Hall was built and a group of enthusiastic and resourceful young women undertook to assume the debt of $1,400. Through cooperation and hard work, they raised the money and felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction. They were convinced of the need on Kauai for a group who would be a force for social and cultural stimulation that would undertake civic development and improvements.

In 1905 under the leadership of Dora Isenberg, The Mokihana Club was formed.

Elsie Wilcox was elected President. The first civic project undertaken was to pioneer for a public library. The Mokihana Club shared in establishing the Kauai Library Association. As membership grew, the Club developed a new interest—a garden club and a beautification program which was responsible for much of the roadside and park planting that exists today. In 1975, it developed into the Outdoor Circle.

In 1916 The Mokihana Club became aware of the pressing need for health services and appointed Mable Wilcox, RN as Chairman of the Health Committee. Miss Mable hired the first public health nurse, making possible the services of the Territorial Board of Health. By securing the cooperation of the plantation owners, the project grew into the Public Health Nursing Program of the Department of Health.

Nursing and health issues continued to receive our attention in the ensuing years, but it wasn’t until 2003, when we recognized a critical, nation-wide shortage of nurses, that we established a scholarship in partnership with the Kauai Community College Nursing Education Program. Fundraising events over the years have helped us to award over $100,00 in nursing scholarships.

In 1955, The Mokihana Club sponsored the first performance of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra on Kauai. In the ensuing years, the Symphony introduced island students to music through concerts and classroom visits by orchestra members.
In 1972, the sponsorship of these performances was taken over by the newly formed Kauai Concert Association. Still interested in helping young people possessing musical talent, The Mokihana Club established annual music scholarships which are to this day awarded to qualifying high school graduates wishing to pursue musical studies.

The history reflects the concerns, dedication, and pride in accomplishment of our members and a desire to demonstrate love for the Garden Island by service to the community. Our founders are no longer with us, but we strive to carry on it the same tradition and with the same dedication.

Membership in The Mokihana Club is open to all interested women, To become a member you must be sponsored by two other member. Annual dues are $25 which covers membership from October through June, our yearbook with our Club Constitution and Bylaws, and the Membership Directory.

If you are interested in joining please contact us at info@TheMokihanaClub.org

Serving Kauai since 1905