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The 2018-2019 Mokihana Club Board of Directors:

Left to right: Elyse Litvack, Linda O’Neill, Sarah Rogers, Carolyn Knepper, Bertie Bloom, Donna Wilcox, Jennifer Levelett

Executive Board:

President:  Elyse Litvack
1st Vice-President:  Linda O’Neill
2nd Vice-President:  Sarah Rogers
Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Knepper
Corresponding Secretary: Bertie Bloom
Treasurer:  Donna Wilcox
Parliamentarian:  Jennifer Lovelett

Committee Chairs:

Historian: Kay Little
Hostess: Bernadette D’Amore
House: Garey-Lea Smith
Membership: Suzanne Ellis
Music Scholarships: Bonnie Kakinami
Nursing Scholarships: Rebecca Fries, Terri Gately
Program: Beverley Tobias
Publicity: Terri Gately

Other Positions (no vote):

Aloha: Gini Stoddard
Decorations/Floral: Kat Bertucci
Greeters: Sue Parry, Barbara Ezell
Holiday Luncheon: Jlyne Oughton
Fundraiser: Elyse Litvack and Linda O’Neill
Bake Sale: Betty Drake
Yearbook: Bertie Bloom


If you are interested in becoming a member of The Mokihana Club contact us at info@themokihanaclub.org and the Membership Chair will contact you.

The Mokihana Club
P.O. Box 3543
Lihue, HI 96766-3543
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