One of our founding members, Mabel Wilcox, was a public health nurse responsible for bringing dental care, vaccinations, and healthcare to the schools and plantations on Kauai. Nursing and health issues continued to receive our attention in the ensuing years, but it wasn’t until 2003 when we recognized a critical, nationwide shortage of nurses that we established a scholarship in partnership with the Kauai Community College Nursing Education Program.  We offer scholarships to enrolled students of nursing on Kauai. Students are chosen based on their academic performance and need. Kauai Community College sets the parameters for applications and works with The Mokihana Club’s Nursing Scholarships Chair to select deserving students.

golf scramblenursesTo fund scholarships, the 1st First Annual Golf Scramble was organized with the chosen nursing student receiving $1,000. With the success of the 2nd Annual Golf Scramble in 2004, nine scholarships were awarded and a tradition was established to allocate proceeds from the event solely for this purpose. Each year students who received scholarships are asked to donate their time at the annual Golf Scramble which allows members and the community to meet and speak with them. We could not have been successful in our fund raising efforts without the continuing generosity of the business and professional community. To date, a total of $112,000 has been awarded to students in the hope of relieving them of some of the financial burden. Nursing is truly the definition of community service and is one of the noblest professions. We continue to honor and support students who choose this great service career.



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